Atari Classics Magazine Review 1992- By Dean Garraghty
(c)1992 Dean Garraghty

I think most people should know by now that a new magazine has started in the States, called Atari Classics. This is a magazine just for us 8-bit users! This is the first such magazine in the US since Antic and ANALOG went out of business.

I got some copies of issue 1 early, because they were sent over to me in time for AMS6. The standard mailing of the free issues for those who sent their cards back is still in operation. In fact, as I write this, some people in the US haven't had their copy yet!

The first thing to strike me about AC, was the lack of a "magazine style" front cover. It is, in fact, just a paper cover, much like a newsletter style.

Issue 1 is really an intro issue. Ben Poehland (the editor) has his page trying to persuade you to subscribe! But, other than this, the rest of the magazine is as it always will be!

The Tips 'n' Tricks column talks about where to get 1027 ink rollers and XF551 drive mechs. It also tells you about some "weirditudes" of Atariwriter 80. The Correspondents corner is written by Itay Chamiel, the correspondent for Israel. It tells of a critical article about Atari's management!

Next, there's the "fitting room". This is all about what's new, and what's available. The article in this issue is headed "Adventures with RAMdisks and Transkey". It talks quite extensively on these subjects.

Next, is "moonlight workshop". It's called this because Jeff McWilliams (the columnist) does most of his work on the Atari late at night! It says this column is for "little programs, utilities, and hardware projects". This particular article talks at length about problems with the XEP-80 and how to solve them.

Next, is "dollars and sense in education". This is by the educational software editor and concerns the use of Atari 8-bits to aid education in the home.

Next comes an article on Daisy Dot III called "Exploring the wild FONTier". This article is actually printed using DD3!

Next is an article which seems to be about computing in general and computer clubs.

Next is a column called "The Garret". This talks mainly about a program called TV plots which comes up with ideas for TV shows! The program is included along with the article. It also goes on to talk about text editors as well.

Next is an article called "tracking down an upgrade malfunction". This is a very good article about how to find faults on things like the RAMBO upgrade.

Finally, there's the "Swap 'n' shop" column which has lots of private for sale and wanted ads.

The main adverts in this issue are for American Techna Vision, Computer Software Services, TOAD computers, Atari Interface magazine, Current Notes magazine, BaPAUG/Gralin International, B&C Computervisions, Best Electronics, Lake Almanor Public Domain Software (LAPD with the heading "Our software is simply arresting!" - ah, American humour!).

The magazine is 32 pages in total. I think it is an excellent magazine (and I'm not just saying that because I'm the UK correspondent!). It is absolutely packed with information. The style of writing is very "American", right down to the odd spelling! For those of you who read Page 6, this is TOTALLY different. It is more "relaxed" in its style. It's not trying to look flashy. It's just solid information that every Atari user should have access to. Also, having access to the American adverts is also very useful for tracking down things we rarely see in the UK.

Originally published in The Atari 8-bit News-Paper.

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