Screen Aided Management

Screen Aided Management (SAM) is a new 80 column desktop environment for the Atari XL/XE. SAM is very much like some other systems of this type found on computers like the ST, and IBM PC.

SAM is based around a main environment, where you have standard DOS functions (such as DIRECTORY, FORMAT, DELETE, etc.), but also contains some special utilities. The SAM system can be controlled by using a joystick, or (even better) an ST compatible mouse!

SAM is supplied with monochrome and colour character set editors, a card filing system, a monitor (for looking into memory), an 80 column word processor, a 128-colour paint program, and (for the international version only) a game called FireBall which runs under SAM. Although SAM uses 80 columns, it does not need any extra hardware to do this! The SAM system is extendable by special accessories which are also available (see below).

SAM is supplied on a SS/SD disk which contains everything mentioned, along with a full manual in PDF format, which also explains how to use SAM routines in your own programs.

SAM BUDGET is an accessory disk for use with the SAM 80 column desktop system. Budget is a spreadsheet program having many excellent features found on more expensive systems. Budget takes full advantage of SAM's 80 column display, and mouse and joystick input. Features include Direct Calculations, Indirect Calculations, and Functions (single or multiple parameters). Budget also has advanced editing facilities, including column and row copying and deletion, and easy movement around your spreadsheet. Budget is able to print to both Epson compatible and 1029 printers. Budget is supplied with a comprehensive jargon-free manual in PDF format, which is helpful for those who haven't used a spreadsheet before.

SAM UTILITY EXTENSIONS 1 is another accessory disk for use with the SAM 80 column desktop system. This disk actually contains two accessories: SAM Convert and SAM Creator. Convert will convert text files to and from the SAM Texter format. Convert will convert from ASCII, AtariWriter, StarText, and AustroText to SAM, and from SAM to ASCII. Creator will convert SAM Painter format files to Micro Painter format and vice versa. These two accessories an extremely useful tool for SAM Texter and Painter users. Supplied with a user manual in PDF format.

SAM DESIGNER is a powerful drawing and design package for creating mode 8 high resolution graphics. As well as all drawing features, Designer can import text from SAM Texter (which comes with SAM), and has a set of schematic icons for creating circuits. These icons can be easily edited using the SAM character editor (which comes with SAM) to whatever icons you want. All options are icon operated, and the package works with both joystick and ST mouse. Screens can be printed on Epson and 1029 printers. You can write drivers for other printers using the instructions given in the manual. The package comes with an easy-to-follow manual in PDF format.

Here's a screen grab of SAM Budget running in XL-It!:

Here's a screen grab of SAM Painter running in XL-It!:

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